Miami Airport South - Blue Lagoon
777 NW 57th Ave - Miami, FL 33126 USA
Phone 305.262.5400 - Fax: 305.262.5488 - Reservations Email

The best shopping are right here in Miami!

Treat yourself to a full day of shopping while in Miami

Not even online shopping can replace an amazing trip to the Mall - it is gratifying and makes any trip a better trip. 

Limited budget or fashionista? Don't worry because Miami features outlet and retail malls with upscale boutique shops. You'll spend your days searching for deals at outlet malls and factory stores while in Miami.

You'll shop 'til you drop in Miami. Here you'll find several outlet malls full of factory stores and discount outlets. And trust when saying discounts, our outlets malls offer steep discounts on quality clothing, accessories, and gifts. 

While our Miami Malls offer the best in shopping, and of course, not to forget, that one-stop-shops for eating, drinking and relaxing. A destination for themselves offering entertainment, dining venues, fun, kid-friendly, and even dine-in movie theater.

Taylor to any nationality the latin flavors are always a plus. Even if you don't need, you will always find a reason to shop in Miami, so please spend the day exploring one of these malls in Miami. You will love it! We do!

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